Free Site Inspections Save You Thousands

Monday, 12 March 2018

You've done your research- and have narrowed it down to two blocks of land you know you could be very happy to build your new dream home on. They are both in the same price range so it's safe to assume that neither will break the bank. They look similar so surely either one will be fine. But what if the difference could be THOUSANDS of dollars worth in site costs?

So what could a builder possibly tell you from LOOKING at the site?

  • Contours; how much cut and fill may be required to level out a section when building your new home. A lot of cut/fill does add up!


  • Possible bush fire risks; typically a builder who is familiar with the area you are looking at will have an idea of bush fire risks. 

  • Noise Issues; You could be in a direct flight path (we've seen it first hand on a site inspection!), close to a busy main road or just have noisy neighbours... all things you want to know BEFORE you purchase the block!


  • Electricity connection; Is there a power pole close to the property? How far will underground power have to be run? 

  • Soil type; More often than not a good builder can somewhat distinguish the quality of the soil at a site. They may not be able to tell what it comes in at exactly but certainly have enough of an idea to speculate any extra costs you may come across due to soil type.